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Installing Crown Molding on Kitchen Cabinets

Crown Molding Installation Cabinets 300x300 Installing Crown Molding on Kitchen CabinetsA lot of old or even outdated kitchens cabinets could be modified using crown molding. Installing crown molding on kitchen cabinets are the best way to add elegance and also beauty to any kitchen cabinets. It often is difficult to install, yet home-owners will like the outcomes of a work well done. Understanding the way how to install crown molding on your own kitchen cabinets will help you work yourself and cut costs for installation fees.

Crown Molding Installation on Kitchen Cabinets

Well before we talk about crown molding installation, you should choose the molding to your room. Crown moldings can be found in many different colors, designs and substances. As it may be easier to choose a large crown molding having lots of carved specifics, you should remember that it will fit your home decoration and proportional to your room. Select ornately carved crown molding if only you’ve got a big room and also the decoration is country-style. Usually a reasonably straight tone is a great choice for the contemporary home. After you have chosen the crown molding within your choice, you have to get all of the supplies needed for installing crown molding.

Things needed for  Installing Crown Molding on Kitchen Cabinets

  • Crown molding
  • Electric miter saw
  • Drill
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Wood filler
  • Caulk
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Method

The first task for installing crown molding on kitchen cabinets, take exact measurements on the room using a tape measure. Estimate the measurements of each one wall and also write it down. Then you have to identify where the studs or even ceiling joists can be found inside the drywall. To start this you need to have a stud finder. Once you get a stud on the wall, simply mark the spot using the pencil. Choosing and also marking the studs to the wall is really important because you must crown molding should be nailed on the studs. The Crown molding shouldn’t be nailed on the dry wall since it doesn’t offer enough support.

Crown Molding on Kitchen Cabinets 150x150 Installing Crown Molding on Kitchen CabinetsThe next task is cut the crown molding with all the measurements you had taken. Cutting and also installing crown molding will be the hardest part on crown molding installation, so that you have to be carefully. Using the electric mitered saw, and cut the crown molding on a nice and clean 45 degree angle. To have a flawless cut, you need to change the crown molding inverted just before getting the cut. Then nail the crown molding on the wall ensuring that the nails are actually hammered on where you’ve noted the studs to the wall. Make sure you begin from one corner of this room and then complete one side. The Crown molding corners installation, make use of forty-five degree miter cuts then ensure that it suits the adjacent molding correctly. When you’re conducted nailing the crown molding to the walls, fill up the nail holes using wood filler. Fine sand the area carefully using a good grit sandpaper and work with caulk for filling every little spaces in the molding.

It was information on installing crown molding. The price to install crown molding goes down if you do it yourself. If you install the crown molding within corner, you should make exact cuts in order that the molding fits up against the wall perfectly. The Crown molding may also be used to improve the look of home furniture. One of greatest ways to take this decorative cut would be to install crown molding for kitchen cabinets. Installing crown molding on kitchen cabinets are a great HOW TO DO task you could accomplish in a day.

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