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Refinishing Cabinets Yourself

refinishing cabinets 150x150 Refinishing Cabinets YourselfRefinishing cabinets instead of painting or refacing is really a time-consuming, messy, and restless job. However when you have several well-built, solid-wood kitchen cabinets which you want to rebuild as an alternative to cover up or come up with, an excellent old-fashioned refinishing is your best option. The job is similar to refinishing any wooden furniture: Line the outdated finish, sand the solid wood into its original condition, and complete it using a mark and safety topcoat or simply a transparent coat for extra natural coloring.

By refacing your own kitchen cabinets you can provide your kitchen cabinets a fully new and special look to your own kitchen. If you are sad with all the look of your present kitchen cabinets then you may think about updating the look of them. Refacing your own kitchen cabinets is a great option to removing them out and also replacing them.

It is possible to keep a lot of money by refinishing your kitchen cabinets instead of installing new ones. If you choose the work yourself then you may save much more money. By maintaining your present cabinets you’re frequently able to use a much more tough cabinet as almost all newer ones aren’t built as well.

1. Select the Type of Door
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing 300x195 Refinishing Cabinets YourselfIf you need to build a classic looking cabinet after this you should select a door and drawer that are inset on the frame of the unit. Even so the kind of doors that you select is totally into individual preference. If you need to apply completely invisible knobs you’ll then just use overlay and completely inset doors. When you have frameless cabinets then you can definitely just implement inset and also overlay doors.

2. Select the Knobs

You may also obtain knobs which close using a snap, soft or flexible knobs based on your needs.

3. Measure up

You must spend some time measure the width and also height of your drawers and doors as precisely as possible. You must also be sure you measure any kind of wrong drawers or cabinets inside your kitchen. Measure dual doors by doubling the individual door width. For the inset doors you need to subtract ΒΌ of an inch with the width and height to your measurements.

You have to figure out how much veneer you’ll want to order so that you could protect fronts of the doors and also frames. It’s advisable to buy personal adhesive veneer in order that it is simple to install.

4. Measure the finish panels

how to refinish kitchen cabinets yourself Refinishing Cabinets Yourself

Measure all the cabinet panels that are coated with the veneer. When the cabinets contain glass panels after that measure the interior measurements and take care of that using veneer too.

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